White label

In today’s time, with everything happening around the Globe, we understand that overall look and feel of the product and its quality is more important than ever before. This is why we take our part of white labeling extremely serious and we look at it as long-term partnership making sure our clients have the best conditions and most competitive product for the future success. We can offer a wide variety of white label oils, pastes, cosmetic creams and others.

When it comes to different white labels for oils, you are able to choose from 7 steps bellow, however we have many different varieties and options as well to please our client’s needs. We offer medical grade glass and pipets of highest quality, that are made in the European Union. All parts of our product are made with high quality materials inside EU. Our minimum order for white label oil is 1000 units. Depending on your steps chosen and your wishes, we will put together as well very competitive pricing.

Here are the steps to start from:

Step 1 – Choose your CBD oil type: Full spectrum oil or Broad-spectrum oil (we also offer CBD oils with 0% THC)

Step 2 – Choose your CBD % strength: 5%, 10% ,15% or 20%. For higher percentages of CBD, we offer PASTE, up to 65% CBD, packed in our patented injection solution.

Step 3 – Choose your carrier oil: Our most popular carrier oils are Hemp seed oil and MCT oil, we do offer other more exclusive and unique varieties as well.

Step 4 – If you wish we can also add a flavor to it. For flavor choices, write us on email, to first determine your needs and target market for best options for you.

Step 5 – Choose your bottle size. Our standard size is 10ml, which at the moment is most popular in EU. We also offer 30ml bottles and other sizes for larger orders.

Step 6 – Choose your label dimension. We offer many varieties of labels, with different look and feel effects for the end customer.

Step 7 – Choose your carton box. Here you can choose your design with our standard model and type of carton or we can adjust to your specific needs.

We can help with design on labels and carton box for extra charge, if you cannot make it on your own.

Additional we would like to point out that we also offer above 20%, up to 65% CBD pastes, that can be used as white label. Write us about that for more information.

We offer also other combinations, that are not listed in the above steps, so please do contact us for possible wishes, that are not listed above, we would be happy to help.

Let us help you grow your CBD business

In addition to providing you with the highest quality CBD products, we want to help you grow and succeed in your CBD business.

We can provide you with bulk full-s[ectrum CBD extracts that you can sell as oils, edibles, or topicals.

We can also provide you with white-label end-products that you can sell with your own branding and packaging.

Whatever your needs, we can work with you to create custom pricing and solutions that fit your specific business needs.